Advanced eHealth solutions supporting prevention, active ageing, personalised rehabilitation, patient empowerment and motivation.

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Society is ageing and the cost of care for the elderly is increasing.
Motivating users to modify their daily habits in support of a healthy lifestyle promises to be one of the best solutions for keeping the young population healthy and the elderly population active, reducing at the same time the cost of care.
imaginary have been developing advanced solutions to support personalised rehabilitation in order to speed up recovery, motivate patients and involve family by giving them professional support: data is collected and shared with doctors and specialists working remotely.
To fulfil these objectives, imaginary work closely with doctors and patients to create applications using the latest technologies which meet the demands, needs and expectations of all the stakeholders.


REHABILITY is the suite of serious games for physical and cognitive rehabilitation of neurological patients, for example affected by strokes, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, that allows patients to follow the rehabilitation therapy, in post acute phase, from home with continuous remote medical support.
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In the case of cognitive impairments, these immersive virtual experiences can support cognitive rehabilitation and help the patients resume their normal daily activities.